Special IoT Project

Special IoT projects

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How it works

Our solution was specially designed for fast and simple deployment.
Connect your legacy assets to our smart platform to enjoy advanced analytics and reports.


Our platform is fully compatible with IoT networks and new smart devices. However, you can also connect it to legacy systems and sensors through our IoT gateway, Ibisa_LINK. We can design the connectivity architecture with networks like Zigbee, Wifi, Cellular, wired or Sigfox.


Storing millions of real-time data points collected through years of use requires a powerful storage engine. Ibisa_SPACE is our storage engine built on big data technologies. It handles and stores your data, keeping it completely secure.


Trace your processes in real time and with ease thanks to our visualized workflows, activity logging and digitalization of paper documents.


Ibisa Portal provides secure access to your platform – no matter where you are accessing it from. Always available whether you are accessing it from your office or your mobile devices while on the go.



The power of using IoT and Big Data Together


Whether your data is coming from machines, sensors, PLCs or your workers, Ibisa_LINK gathers them all through IoT technologies.


With Ibisa_SPACE, you will have access to years of actionable information at your disposal when making big decisions. The Ibisa platform adopts big data engines for efficient and safe cloud storage.


Generate reports, maps, and datacubes to find the root causes for operation events. Ibise_ANALYTICS is a powerful business intelligence tool built into the Ibisa platform.


Ibisa_INSIGHTS is an intelligent engine that helps you to analyze large quantities of data in real-time. Perform anything from basic analysis of signal behavior to elaborate cognitive machine learning algorithms with ease.


This is a work in progress

The Ibisa platform enables you to be more efficient and to reduce operative costs significantly. Collect the data from the value chain, then model and characterize the demand to improve your operations and predict the consumption. “

Stock market volatility requires companies to optimize their activities daily. Having visibility of all remote assets allows oil companies to mitigate operating costs in the early adjustment of the set points in the horizontal pumps for Artificial lift and enables savings of up to 35% of the cost of fuel.”

Nowadays, cosmopolitan cities around the globe have environment control on the agenda. Noise pollution, air quality, and solid waste management used to create heaps of disaggregated data, which was in the past hard to centralize. Now, cities can have thousands of measurement points with real time data centralized and analyzed in order to model and implement successful mitigation strategies.”


Work with a specialized team to design your custom IoT solution

Explain to us your precise goals, and we will create an IoT solution especially for you.

We outline your specific requirements

Together with our specialist IoT staff, you will work to underline the specific challenges you are facing in your manufacturing process. Through the adoption of latest technologies, our team will then deliver a custom solution to help you tackle those challenges and improve your processes.

Day 0

Initial Contact


Taste the technology

Pilot Project

Implement the solution to a representative portion of the scope. After noting the benefits, prepare to scale the entire project.

Project Deployment

Take advantage of one of the most important benefits of IoT solutions by having the option to scale your projects whenever you deem the time to be right.

Few months in

Experience the benefist


Our model of licensing as a service allows you to start at any time.
Our pricing plan enables you to pay-as-you-go. Only pay for what you really use!

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“We pride ourselves with over two decades of experience in the automation integrator industry.
Thanks to our many years of experience, we understand the dreams and goals, but also
challenges and complexities industrial companies are facing each day.
The IBISA team anticipated and embraced the enormous potential disruptive technologies have
brought to the field of industrial automation. At Ibisa, we think differently in order to close the
technology gap in the industry sector.
We believe in the 4th industrial revolution and, together with you, want to be the lead
innovators of it!”


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