"Become a part of the
Industry 4.0"

“Your company can now enjoy the benefits of adopting mature technologies thanks to cross pollination innovation
from other economic and financial sectors.
Tackling the challenges like cyber security, large volume data management, and analytics are only some of the
examples of these benefits.
The adoption of these technologies will significantly boost the efficiency of your production process.
The Ibisa platform involves all of these technologies into a simple plug and play solution in order to let you enjoy the
benefits of new technologies while avoiding the complexities of vexing implementation. “

How it works

Our solution was specially designed for fast and simple deployment.
Connect your legacy assets to our smart platform to enjoy advanced analytics and reports.


Over 25 years of experience and hundreds of happy customers have allowed us to
design a perfect solution for your manufacturing needs.


Whether your data is coming from machines, sensors, PLCs or your workers, Ibisa_LINK gathers them all through IoT technologies.


We made dashboards easy to read and intuitive. Accessing relevant, real-time and historical, information has never been easier! With Ibisa_PAPER you can also create detailed reports all on your own..


We know that People are the most valuable capital of any company. Ibisa_PORTAL provides you with the platform where, in addition to accessing information, the users can also communicate in an agile and easy way using social technologies.

Anticipation Suite

Collaboration Suite


With Ibisa_SPACE, you will have access to years of actionable information at your disposal when making big decisions. The Ibisa platform adopts big data engines for efficient and safe cloud storage.


Generate reports, maps, and datacubes to find the root causes for operation events. Ibise_ANALYTICS is a powerful business intelligence tool built into the Ibisa platform.


Ibisa Operator is the most disruptive industrial app designed for the people in field, leverage collaboration tasks, notifications and comments. Just scan a QR code to fill electronic forms, resolve tasks or just to check the live data from the machines.

Future releases

We are currently working on developing new tools in order to make the Ibisa platform increasingly intelligent and powerful

Ibisa Insights

Data Processing

From the basic analysis of signal behaviors to elaborate cognitive machine learning algorithms, Ibisa Insights will be able to do it all. This intelligent engine will allow you to anticipate events in the operations and take action before they occur.


Data Indexing

Our search engine, Sherlock, allows for easy and user-friendly search. Sherlock will present all available information recorded during years of accumulated knowledge according to your search terms.

Edge Computing

Superb analytics and data processing

To improve the data quality and availability, we are working on further expanding the capabilities of Ibisa_LINK. We are making improvements with our buffering, compression and information coding in order to process the data at the border in a more efficient way. .


Learn how Ibisa can transform your operations

With Ibisa SmartFactory you will increase productivity while reducing the
consumption of energy and paper – as well as mitigate other losses and waste.
The app for manufacturers

Using ISA-95 standard to generate real-time control and information about your ongoing operations, Ibisa SmartFactory summarizes the main requirements for a more efficient operation.

Performance OEE

Ibisa_LINK communicates with your machines, at all times, in an agile and safe way in order to help you generate and display your performance, quality and downtime indicators..

Utility Management

We enable you to measure the energy consumption by area, line or machine. Monitor the KPIs of all industrial services for each production unit.

Production orders

Manage the work in progress by entering and tracking production orders. Ibisa SmartFactory will notify you when production times are, for whatever reason, exceeded.


Monitor the current levels of raw materials while generating information relevant to average consumption and turnover projection. Make well-informed purchases based on the intelligence gathered from our app.

Use cases

Our solution was specially designed for fast and simple deployment.
Connect your legacy assets to our smart platform to enjoy advanced analytics and reports.

Here's a sample of what your work schedule might look like

Our approach is to understand your strategic goals and help you to achieve them with our technology

We outline your specific requirements

Successful analytics lead to designing successful solutions. With the help of our app, your team can analyze and better understand the challenges and pain points within your production process. 

Day 0

Analyzing and discovery

Kick Off

Decision making

Route Map

Our IaaS model allows you to grow as quicky or as slowly as you’d like. Create your own route map and choose which tasks to prioritize.

Project Deployment

Take advantage of one of the most important benefits of IoT solutions by having the option to scale your projects whenever you deem the time to be right.

Few months in

Experience the benefist


Our model of licensing as a service allows you to start at any time.
Our pricing plan enables you to pay-as-you-go. Only pay for what you really use!

With Modular, you pay
for the services based on the number
of users and data sources connected.

$29,00 / Month per user

Data sources: As many as you use with Ibisa_LINK

$29,00 / Month per data source

Select the Ibisa suites that fits for your
requirements. Can select only one or all of three:
Anticipation, Collaboration and Execution.

$249,00 / Month per Suite

In our Marketplace, we offer a variety of apps to help you get even more value out of the information aggregated within the Ibisa SmartFactory. Some applications are free for download and use while others need to be purchased. For more information, please visit our Marketplace on the Ibisa Community Platform after login.

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“We pride ourselves with over two decades of experience in the automation integrator industry.
Thanks to our many years of experience, we understand the dreams and goals, but also
challenges and complexities industrial companies are facing each day.
The IBISA team anticipated and embraced the enormous potential disruptive technologies have
brought to the field of industrial automation. At Ibisa, we think differently in order to close the
technology gap in the industry sector.
We believe in the 4th industrial revolution and, together with you, want to be the lead
innovators of it!”


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