Improve your processes and
go digital with Ibisa platform

Ibisa platform help you save time by acquiring, storing,
and presenting information relevant to your
production processes in the most efficient way


The Ibisa platform collects relevant information across all of your facilities and generates them all in one place. Our intelligent algorithms watch the processes for you and send timely notifications to your mobile phone, tablet or computer.


The user-centric design of Ibisa platform empowers teamwork and enables more successful collaboration on a larger scale.


Trace your processes in real time and with ease thanks to our visualized workflows, activity logging and digitalization of paper documents.


Together with cybersecurity industry leaders, we are continuously testing our mechanisms and evolving them according to industry standards. Ibisa vouches to keep your data safe at all times.


The following markets are our specialties. The Ibisa platform technology stack was carefully developed to
attend to these markets in particular but can be used for other markets as well.

Special IoT Projects

Combine the IoT with big data and
discover the potential for growth as
you maximize the efficiency of your
processes. Main use cases are smart
city projects regarding water,
electricity, waste collecting, traffic and
lighting – as well as any other large
project where the data sources are
geographically dispersed.

Industry 4.0 & IIoT

With the rise of the industrial digital
transformation, thousands of
companies just like yours are reducing
costs of manufacturing and handling
and thus increasing their revenues
thanks to our solutions. Ibisa platform
delivers an out of the box solution to
improve your day-to-day operations by
effortlessly connecting machines,
people, and processes.

Discrete Manufacturing

Even if your operation doesn’t involve
any machinery – you can still gain
value from our technologies. Our
SmartFactory app helps you coordinate production cells as you
track your work orders in real-time.
Discover bottlenecks and measure the
performance of your operations to
improve your business!



We would love to hear from you!

“We pride ourselves with over two decades of experience in the automation integrator industry.
Thanks to our many years of experience, we understand the dreams and goals, but also
challenges and complexities industrial companies are facing each day.
The IBISA team anticipated and embraced the enormous potential disruptive technologies have
brought to the field of industrial automation. At Ibisa, we think differently in order to close the
technology gap in the industry sector.
We believe in the 4th industrial revolution and, together with you, want to be the lead
innovators of it!”



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