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This application is designed to help growing companies keep track of their production orders and analyze the performance of each of their work cells. Lower your production costs and keep your customers happy!

How it works

Our solution was specially designed for fast and simple deployment.
Connect your legacy assets to our smart platform to enjoy advanced analytics and reports.

Your company recieved a new order

The order is immediately entered into the Ibisa platform.

The system looks into the pre-configured job types in order to assess how many units are required to process the order.

The order starts running on each of the available workstations

Using mobile devices, your operators have the following options:

  • Access the list of pending jobs and choose whether to start them
  • Confirm and track orders by reading the barcode
  • Report anomalies in the process, such as possible damages or depletion of raw materials
  • Confirm completion of activities

The finished order has passed through all of the necessary stations

  • The finished order has passed through all of the necessary stations
  • The work order is visible throughout the entire process
  • Display work orders and their statistics on screens at work stations
  • During the entire process, the efficiency of work units and operations is calculated depending on the time used in each step of the execution
  • The statistics are recorded and filed away, allowing for post-termination consultations and improvements
  • The Ibisa SmartFactory app records all inactive times across all work stations and notes the reasons why the inactivity happened, helping you constantly improve your processes


Digitalise and execute your operations

Operation Efficiency

Online and historical information on the efficiency of the operators and their workstations.

  • Quantify non-quality costs
  • Identify the duration of downtime and the reasons behind them
  • Follow-up on all activities with ease

Tracking Production Orders

Trace and monitor all work orders online.

  • Detect any possible delays on time
  • Calculate estimated order completion time
  • Enjoy detailed event, scheduling and execution information

Use cases

Our solution was specially designed for fast and simple deployment.
Connect your legacy assets to our smart platform to enjoy advanced analytics and reports.

Work with a specialized team to design your custom IoT solution

Explain to us your precise goals, and we will create an IoT solution especially for you.

We outline your specific requirements

Together with our specialist IoT staff, you will work to underline the specific challenges you are facing in your manufacturing process. Through the adoption of latest technologies, our team will then deliver a custom solution to help you tackle those challenges and improve your processes.

Day 0

Initial Contact


Taste the technology

Pilot Project

Implement the solution to a representative portion of the scope. After noting the benefits, prepare to scale the entire project.

Project Deployment

Take advantage of one of the most important benefits of IoT solutions by having the option to scale your projects whenever you deem the time to be right.

Few months in

Experience the benefist


Our model of licensing as a service allows you to start at any time.
Our pricing plan enables you to pay-as-you-go. Only pay for what you really use!

Production plant + the number of
connected working cells.

* SmartFactory monthly plan includes 3 admin users

$149,00 / Month

Each connected working cell

$9,00 / Month

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